About Us

El Conejo Restaurant & Bar in Sayulita is the brainchild of Suerte Tequila from Atotonilco de Alto in Jalisco, Mexico. Inspired by Sayulita’s laid back yet lively culture, we wanted to bring our craft tequila and combine it with with the region’s flavors and colors to give birth to a hidden, yet unique restaurant, in the heart of surfers’ favorite Pueblo Magico.  Tucked into a hidden alley way the restaurant, terrace and tasting room are designed in a modern Mexican fashion with nods to regional culture, Agave folklore and the tranquilo Sayulita lifestyle.  


 Our chef's cuisine is inspired by some of the best surf destinations in the world such as Hawaii, SE Asia, Indonesia and of course, Mexico!  Also having the benefit of sharing similar latitudes to many of these locations we are able to source key ingredients shared with both Mexican and Asian cuisines. Some of our signature dishes are the Banh Mi Torta, Ahi Poke, Thai Chorizo Taco and the Ginger Grapefruit Salad.  


 Our tequila is our pride and joy. We serve our Blanco (rested in steel for two months), our Reposado (aged in re-charred retired American Oak whiskey barrels for 7 months) and our Añejo (aged for 2 years). We use 100% Blue Agave and the sacred healing waters of the springs of Atotonilco. Our tequila process is "intentionally inefficient" roasting our piñas for three times the amount of time as the industry standard and crushing everything slowly under a traditional Tahona stone.